The test runner and bootstrapper
The TestContext class contains all of the methods required for bootstrapping, test collection, test running, and statistics collection.
It has the following shape:
export interface ITestContextParameters extends ITestCollectorParameters {
/** The test reporter for this context */
reporter?: TestReporter;
/** stdout and stderr */
stdout?: IWritable;
stderr?: IWritable;
export declare class TestContext extends TestCollector {
/** Construct a TestCollector. */
constructor(props: ITestContextParameters);
/** An indicator if the tests passed. */
pass: boolean;
/** However long it took for all the tests to run. */
time: number;
/** However long it took to perform test collection. */
startupTime: number;
/** Run the tests with the given instantiated wasm module. */
run(wasm: IAspectExports): void;
It also extends the TestCollector class. The TestCollector class is designed to help aid in the creation of the function imports and collect all the tests. It has the following shape:
export interface ITestCollectorParameters {
/** A provided performance configuration. Deprecated. */
performanceConfiguration?: Partial<IPerformanceConfiguration>;
/** Filter the tests that will run. */
testRegex?: RegExp;
/** Filter the groups that will run. */
groupRegex?: RegExp;
/** The name of the test module. */
fileName?: string;
/** Disable RTrace when set to `true`. */
nortrace?: boolean;
/** The web assembly binary for function name inspection. */
binary?: Uint8Array;
export declare class TestCollector {
/** All the collected test groups */
testGroups: TestGroup[];
/** The root `TestGroup` object. */
topLevelGroup: TestGroup | null;
/** A set of errors that were collected during the testing process. */
errors: IWarning[];
/** A set of warnings that were collected during the testing process. */
warnings: IWarning[];
/** The name of the AssemblyScript test file. */
fileName: string;
constructor(props?: ITestCollectorParameters);
* This method creates a WebAssembly imports object with all the TestContext functions
* bound to the TestContext.
* @param {any[]} imports - Every import item specified.
createImports(...imports: any[]): any;
Every other property and function in each of these classes are protected and private. None of these functions should be used in production.
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