A logical grouping of tests.
This is a reporting class designed to collect tests logically by group. The notable parameters in this group for inspection are as follows:
export declare class TestGroup implements ILogTarget {
/** All the tests for this group. */
tests: TestResult[];
/** Everything that was logged in this group that wasn't inside the test. */
logs: ReflectedValue[];
/** The name of the group. */
name: string;
/** An indicator if the group passed. */
pass: boolean;
/** However long the test group ran. */
time: number;
/** The start time. */
start: number;
/** The end time. */
end: number;
/** Nested groups in this test group. */
children: TestGroup[];
/** A set of loggable errors. */
errors: IWarning[];
/** A set of loggable warnings. */
warnings: IWarning[];
Warnings have the following shape:
export interface IWarning {
/** This is the type of the warning. */
type: string;
/** This is the generated warning message. */
message: string;
/** This is the stack trace. */
stackTrace: string;
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